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Web / App Development

We are developing web- and mobile Applications for all operating systems, fully customizable and based on the customer needs.

Our full-stack developers have a very long experience in planning, creating and implementing projects from scratch or continue work on existing projects and applications.

We develop in all common programming languages and are fimilar to any commonly used frameworks (symfony, wordpress, vtiger, typo3, react, phonegap,...)

3D Reconstruction

We do 3D reconstructions out of pointclouds retrieved from laserscans or photogrammetric algroithms. These scans can be used for VR-Applications, CAD-Drawings or Renderings.

Another big advantage of taking a fully realistic virtual copy of the current environment is the usage in trainings-scenarios or for inspections in an VR Environment. This is very cost miniminizing and effective way of training employees and/or specialist in many different usecases

Click on the screenshot to go to the showcase in your WebGl-compatible browser

Another example is the reconstruction of the "Großer Festsaal" of the University Vienna, which can be visited during the repair works virtually

Virtual Reality

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Machine Learning

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We create customized solutions for your needs. Beyond applications for photography, film, documentation, advertising, inspection and maintenance, our multicopters can be used to lift up your own products such as sensors or special cameras.

We have different cooperations with partners for film and advertisment Unafilm or for industrial inspections Wien Energie GmbH