What can we do for you?

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Who are we?

We are an Austrian SME that specializes in solving complex algorithmic computer science problems. We all have our roots at the University of Vienna - that's where we met, wrote our Bachelor/Master/PhD theses, and then together started a new adventure by founding our own company. In essence, we are IT-professionals and that's what we love doing. Below are handsome photos of us and our coworkers for your pleasure.

David Mirk

Master of the Winds, Droneconstructor, Web-philosoph, CEO/Founder

Dr. Andreas Janecek

Data-Guru, Matlab Wizard, CFO/Founder

Prof. Dr. Helmut Hlavacs

The wise One, Professor, Marketing and PR, Founder

Patrick Pazour, MSc.

Web Crack, Club Mate Devourer, CTO

Dipl. Ing. Daniel Martinek

Virtual Reality Ace, Unity Hacker, Head of Software Development

Christoph Pressler, BSc.

Photoshop-Beginner, Racing Enthusiast, Software Developer

Christopher Helf, MMSc.

Machine-Learning Bible, Design d'Artagnan, External Consultant

DDr. h. c. Cozmo

Office Entertainer, Sales-Manager

How did we get here?

As part of his bachelor thesis David Mirk focused on designing and programming of self-developed multicopters. Together with his supervisor Helmut Hlavacs they researched the topic of virtual tourism. Based on the acquired knowledge and experience David Mirk, Helmut Hlavacs and Andreas Janecek founded the company Robimo GmbH – Robots in Motion – in October 2015.

What's our vision?

Our mission is to bring our experiences and results from academic research in cooperation with the University of Vienna on the subjects of web and mobile applications, CMS/CRM, games and gamification, virtual reality and 3D reconstruction, computer vision, machine learning and A.I., drones & multicopters, and many more out to our customers. Our background allows us to optimally fulfill our customer wishes and requests.