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What do we do?

Web & App Development

We are developing web- and mobile Applications for all operating systems, fully customizable and based on the customer needs. Our full-stack developers have a lot of experience in planning, creating and implementing projects from scratch or continuing work on existing projects and applications. We are fluent in many programming languages and are familiar with a lot of frameworks (eg. Symfony, Wordpress, Typo3, React, Cordova, etc.) as well.

Entdecker-App University of Leipzig

The Entdecker-App is a companion app for students of the University of Leipzig who plan or already are taking part in a course or full semester abroad. It provides the students with news, checklists, contact information and more tailored to their own situation directly on their smartphones. Apart from iOS and Android applications the project also encompassed a web based backend where members of the International Centre of the University of Leipzig can manage the content of the app.

The mobile applications were developed using Cordova and React, while the web backend is a custom Symfony application that interfaces with the University LDAP and Typo3 services.

Entdecker-App Universität Leipzig Entdecker-App Universität Leipzig Entdecker-App Universität Leipzig Entdecker-App Universität Leipzig

CTL Aufnahmeverfahren Management CTL Aufnahmeverfahren Management CTL Aufnahmeverfahren Management CTL Aufnahmeverfahren Management

CTL Aufnahmeverfahren Management

In 2020 we developed a custom Symfony application for the Center for Teaching and Learning of the University of Vienna. The core of the application is a revision system for tasks and task books that are used for the entry tests at the University of Vienna. This system allows the CTL to create new questions, gather feedback from the responsible study program leaders and generate full task books in PDF form for multiple student groups.

alma Online Mentoring

The online mentoring platform alma was developed for the Alumniverband of the University of Vienna. The platform was planned, designed and implemented in tight cooperation with the Alumniverband to ensure that the complex processes involved in personal mentoring are covered as well as possible.

It is a custom solution implemented in Symfony and contains a lot of advanced features like custom page editors, real-time chat, custom forums and event management capabilities. The heart of the platform is a fully customizable matchmaking solution that matches mentees with mentors based on data fields that can be defined directly in the platforms administrative area.

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alma Online Mentoring alma Online Mentoring alma Online Mentoring alma Online Mentoring alma Online Mentoring

Lehramtskompass Leipzig Website Website

Hosting & Support

We host and support the websites of our customers with customized solutions tailored to their needs. Every project is precious to us and our services range from the hosting of compact landingpages on shared web servers to big loadbalanced cloud solutions with multiple failback servers.

Our supported customers include Alumniverband der Universität Wien, Residenz Verlag GmbH, University of Leipzig and many more!

Online Self Assessments

We had the pleasure to work together with many different educational institutions over the last years. Bundled with the knowledge and teaching experience of our staff we create custom online self assessment solutions together with our customers. We have a strong research background in gamification which helps us to distuingish our solutions from standard run of the mill applications.

Lehramtskompass Universität Wien

To help students in the teacher education programme to orient themselves while studying, the Center for Teaching and Learning commissioned a website with self-assessment tests. These tests come in many different forms like simple yes-no questions that are answered by a swipe, memory tests or time-slot tests where a fixed amount of actions should be organized in a time-table. After each test block the students are provided with feedback to help them with their studies.

The Lehramtskompass was developed as a TYPO3 plugin and is internally hosted by the University of Vienna.

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Lehramtskompass Universität Wien Lehramtskompass Universität Wien Lehramtskompass Universität Wien Lehramtskompass Universität Wien Lehramtskompass Universität Wien

Lehramtskompass Universität Leipzig Lehramtskompass Universität Leipzig Lehramtskompass Universität Leipzig

Lehramtskompass Universität Leipzig

The University of Leipzig, the Technical University of Dresden and the Technical University of Chemnitz joined forces in 2018 to create an online self-assessment test for their teacher education programme.

Together with the universities we designed and implemented a sandbox for online self-assessment tests as a Moodle plugin. Tests can be targeted to a specific group of students based on information supplied by the students and contain a number of different question and feedback types. The content of the website and all of the tests can be directly edited on the platform by the universities themselves. In addition anonymised user interaction can be tracked and evaluated to further improve the self-assessment tests.

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Mathematik macht Freu(n)de Quiz

Mathematik macht Freu(n)de are a cooperation of the Faculty of Mathematics from the University of Vienna and Pädagogische Hochschule Niederösterreich. The online self assessment platform was built from the ground up together with our customer to create a user-friendly backend tailored for their needs regarding quiz management and latex commands. Their amazing content delivers many challenging and interesting quizzes for students of all ages.

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Mathematik macht Freu(n)de Universität Wien Mathematik macht Freu(n)de Universität Wien Mathematik macht Freu(n)de Universität Wien

Virtual Reality & 3D Applications

One of our core pillars is the creation of interactive virtual reality and 3D web applications. All our applications are tailored to the exact needs of our customers and we provide the full package from inception to final distribution or hosting of the project. Our experience reaches from entry level mobile VR via Google Cardboard to fully fledged high quality experiences on state of the art headsets. This breadth continues with our 3D applications that cover WebGL-Websites as well as highly sophisticated custom 3D processing, editing and rendering pipelines.

Digitaler Schulweg

In 2017 we created a short virtual reality experience for the Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit. The application was targeted at children between the age of 8 to 14 years and provided them with a safe way to experience a multitude of different interactions in the context of traffic scenarios. The scenarios ranged from simply crossing a street in a safe way, the safe usage of smartphones on the street to a short glimpse in to the future of autonomous vehicles.

The project was developed using Unity software and the HTC VIVE™ headset to allow free movement of the user in a 8x8 meters area.

This website is not sponsored by or affiliated with Unity Technologies or its affiliates. Unity is a trademark or registered trademark of Unity Technologies or its affiliates in the U.S. and elsewhere.

HTC, the HTC logo, HTC One and HTC Sense are the trademarks or registered trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries of HTC Corporation and its affiliates.

Digitaler Schulweg Digitaler Schulweg Digitaler Schulweg

Spacewarp Pipeline Spacewarp Pipeline Spacewarp Pipeline

Spacewarp Pipeline

In late 2016 we began development of a processing pipeline to turn 3D scanned point clouds into real time ready 3D models. This pipeline turns hundreds of millions of laser scanned points into low poly 3D models that can be used in Web and VR projects.

As an early prototype project the ballroom of the University of Vienna was scanned and a VR-Kiosk was built that allowed tourists eager to see the ballroom to experience it in VR while it was renovated in 2018.

After a number of resarch and business grants a separate company Spacewarp GmbH was founded that is currently in charge of development and provides services based on the Spacewarp technology.

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Fitness on Demand

In 2018 we partnered with the Sigmund Freud PrivatUniversität Wien and local artists for a VR research project granted by the Austrian Ministry of Defense.

The VR scenario puts the user in the role of a first responder that is tasked to enter a hospital after an explosive device detonated in its lobby. The task is to mark important and possibly dangerous spots using spray paint and retreat if something unforeseen happens.

The content was authored in Unity to be experienced as a free movement experience (15x15 meters) enabled by the use of an HP® Omen X backpack and HP® Windows Mixed Reality Headset

This website is not sponsored by or affiliated with Unity Technologies or its affiliates. Unity is a trademark or registered trademark of Unity Technologies or its affiliates in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Fitness on Demand Fitness on Demand Fitness on Demand Fitness on Demand Fitness on Demand

Photogrammetry Photogrammetry Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry and Web-Platforms

Our experience in 3D and image processing enables us to generate 3D models from images by means of photogrammetry for use in a multitude of different applications.

In cooperation with our partner Smart Inspection we develop and run plattforms for industry and building inspection that make use of reconstructed 3D models as well as high resolution photography.

We also digitised two Klettersteige by taking pictures with one of our custom multi-copter drones and reconstructing the 3D model from the photographs. After some manual touch-up we created a custom WebGL application to view the routes in modern web browsers. The link below takes you to the Klettersteige.

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Machine Learning & Computer Vision

Image analysis is part of the DNA of Robimo since the beginning. From basic image processing, feature extraction and matching algorithms and modern deep learning techniques to a combination of all we are happy to provide you with services or custom applications for the web, mobile or desktop markets. Our experts are not only specialists in the use of Matlab, OpenCV, Tensorflow and more but are also able to implement techniques from scratch on specific hardware if the need should arise.


The Collective Mobile Image Classification technology (CoMIC) brings modern image analysis tools to iOS and Android smartphones, enabling them to understand their environments through their cameras, in real time. It is based solely on visual images and not limited to devices with special sensors or dual cameras.

CoMIC is not one single technology but a plethora of technologies (e.g. deep learning, feature extraction, etc.) working together to provide the best possible end results. Consider a scenario where a consumer is unaware of the functionality of a push button, and by holding the smartphone camera onto the button, CoMIC can tell the consumer what the button is meant for.

Possible applications of this technology are interactive mobile user guides, gamified learning apps or innovative advertisement scanning to name a few.


Machine Learning

Machine Learning

More and more applications rely on computer assisted decision making to provide a new kind of experience or to improve existing workflows substantially. Machine learning is one of the techniques that can be used to provide such a decision process by training the application to make correct decisions. One of the big advantages of machine learning is the comparably fast decision making time that allows it to be used even on lower powered devices like mobile phones or wearables.

With machine learning the devil is in the details. The selection of the underlying neural network and generation and curation of training data impact the performance (both in runtime and accuracy) substantially. We can help you find the right tool in the belt for your specific task and also provide services from the creation of training and test data up to training the networks and developing the surrounding applications.

Computer Vision

Machine learning might be the current trend for image processing and classification but is not always the best tool to solve a task. Machine learning needs tons of training data and training time to solve tasks (which it can do very well in a lot of cases), but there might be problems that are a much better fit for classic image processing or computer vision algorithms.

From use cases of finding an exact image match in a set of images to tracking objects within recorded videos or live feeds, computer vision provides a good opportunity to expand or create completely new applications to improve workflows and customer satisfaction.

We are happy to provide you with support in both the design and implementation of applications that can make use of these techniques.

Computer Vision Computer Vision


With our licensed multicopters, we create tailor-made partial or complete solutions in the areas of photography, film, documentation, advertising, inspection, maintenance and much more. In addition, our multicopters can also be used to take your own products such as sensors or special purpose cameras to the skies.

Custom Drones

We build our own drones!

PatDrone - The first tethered quadcopter approved by Austro Control in Austria!

Condor - Our Condor is one of the few multicopters with 22kg max. takeoff weight approved category-C multicopter.

Hornet - Despite a limited maximum takeoff weight of 5kg, it boasts a payload of almost 2kg - enough to carry a system camera (eg Sony NEX) with gimbal.

Albatross - With a seamingly small maximum wing span of approx. 1.6m the Albatross challenges much larger multicopters with its dead weight of 6kg and a possible payload of up to 7.5kg.

Further Information can be found at our cooperation website with Udo Maurer - Unafilm at

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Custom Drones Custom Drones Custom Drones Custom Drones

Aerial photography

We also take pretty pictures and create movies with Unafilm!

Further Information can be found at our cooperation website with Udo Maurer - Unafilm at

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Who are we?

We are an Austrian SME that specializes in solving complex algorithmic computer science problems. We all have our roots at the University of Vienna - that's where we met, wrote our Bachelor/Master/PhD theses, and then together started a new adventure by founding our own company. In essence, we are IT-professionals and that's what we love doing. Below are handsome photos of us and our coworkers for your pleasure.

David Mirk David Mirk

David Mirk

Master of the Winds, Droneconstructor, Web-philosoph,

Andreas Janecek Andreas Janecek

Dr. Andreas Janecek

Data-Guru, Budget Defender, Matlab Wizard,

Helmut Hlavacs Helmut Hlavacs

Prof. Dr. Helmut Hlavacs

The wise One, Professor, Marketing and PR,

Patrick David Pazour Patrick David Pazour

Patrick David Pazour, MSc.

Web Crack, Club Mate Devourer, Commissioned for everything,

Daniel Martinek Daniel Martinek

Daniel Martinek, MSc.

Bug Exterminator, Unity Hacker, Coding Convention Watchdog,
Head of Software Development

Christoph Josef Pressler Christoph Josef Pressler

Christoph Josef Pressler, MSc.

Virtual Reality Ace, Docker Evangelist, Racing Enthusiast,
Full Stack Developer

Oliver Schweiger Oliver Schweiger

Oliver Schweiger, BSc.

Matlab Apprentice, Machine Teacher, Achievement Hunter
Software Developer

Sarah Mirk Sarah Mirk

Mag. Sarah Mirk

Multitalent, Health Coordinator, Fitness Coach,
Office Management

Marie Mayer Marie Mayer

Marie Mayer Bakk.

Language Enthusiast, Master Baker, Globe Trotter,
Testing and QA

Cozmo Cozmo

DDr. h. c. Cozmo

Office Entertainer, Sales-Manager

How did we get here?

As part of his bachelor thesis David Mirk focused on designing and programming of self-developed multicopters. Together with his supervisor Helmut Hlavacs they researched the topic of virtual tourism. Based on the acquired knowledge and experience David Mirk, Helmut Hlavacs and Andreas Janecek founded the company Robimo GmbH – Robots in Motion – in October 2015.

What's our vision?

Our mission is to bring our experiences and results from academic research in cooperation with the University of Vienna on the subjects of web and mobile applications, CMS/CRM, games and gamification, virtual reality and 3D reconstruction, computer vision, machine learning and A.I., drones & multicopters, and many more out to our customers. Our background allows us to optimally fulfill our customer wishes and requests.

Who are our partners and customers?

Universität Wien Wien Energie Red Bull Media House svarmony Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit Spacewarp Norgenotech Goostaff Dementia Art Society Universität Leipzig Alumniverband der Universität Wien ICSL Unimo Vrisch Restaurant Führich weXelerate Develogics Agses

How do you reach us?